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This is Reportage


I am always amazed with the visual stories from Magnum Photos and World Press Photo. That is why, when I started to photograph weddings, my approach was totally DOCUMENTARY which gives the possibility to be completely committed with the TRUTH OF THE STORY, happening in the front of my lens. I will photograph momentary truths that you want to remember.


If you ask me for some posed photos...that's ok.
What if these photographs go beyond traditional wedding posed photos?
I just need some of your time during the wedding and your commitment. Together we will be able to create some Timeless and Cinematic images.


You will see me looking for shadows, hidden between some flowers or giving more attention to a mirror than you. Let me go, do not try to understand. Let my brain work because, with the help of my eyes, he just see what, usually, it is not so clear for everybody. I will be in my world, looking for something that only can be seen in that place to be transformed by my lens and, maybe, will became ART.


I’m not a traditional wedding photographer. I do not want just to be repeating myself at weddings weekend after weekend. I want my next wedding to be the best that I am able to do. Better discovering the photos, better pick them and exceed the expectations of my next client. That is why I NEED YOU TO TRUST ME. On your wedding day I am your partner, your friend and the closest member of your family. I will be there when you are getting dressed, writing the vows, breastfeeding your child or paying homage in the cemetery. Let me be close to you, side by side…and I will tell your own story…for you.

Yes, I also shoot colour photos!
Please take a look at my PORTFOLIO and WEDDING STORIES to see what I'm talking about.
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