Kind Words…

This is the reason I do what I do.

I have received several awards over the years as a photographer, but the BEST reward I can have will always be the words of LOVE and GRATITUDE that my clients share with me after receiving their wedding photos.


Raquel & Tiago

"It exceeded our expectations! All! Both the end result and your work and positioning during the day. We saw the photos and didn't even realize how you managed to capture certain moments. We didn't notice you (in a good way!). You will surely know that it was the happiest day of our lives and I can recognize and relive all the moments in the photographs when I see them. And I still feel emotion whenever I look at them. In addition to memories, they carry emotions and art. They are authentic and true in what they show. The places, the people and all the emotions. The anxiety before the bride's arrival, the parents' nervousness, the children's joy and in general the happiness and unity of the celebration. I really like the ‘unnoticed portraits’ of the guests, the black and white contrasts and the movement."


Sabine & Niels

"Thank you so much! They are amazing! We can watch them over and over again and every time you see a picture you see something else in it. They are all so lively and vivid and lots is happening in every photo. It is truly remarkable how you can capture the light in every photo, although it was pretty dark. Especially the party pics are amazing! You can just feel the joy and happiness and you can see that everybody had an amazing time. Seeing the photo’s we could just relive the whole day over now and you can just feel the love between us two, but also all our friends and family."


Manda & Rich

"We felt overjoyed watching all the beautiful photographs. We are so lucky to have such an amazing set of pictures not only to remember every part of the wedding itself, but also to look through such an amazing collection of photographs of all the people we love who were present with us. We love that the pictures are mostly candid, as they really capture moments and emotions on peoples faces in a very pure and beautiful way. We are also so impressed with your artistic eye, which makes these photos not only feel like great wedding photos but also just as beautiful art that we are really looking forward to hanging on our walls. Thanks again for exceeding our expectations and giving us such wonderful memories of our wedding!"


Regina & Ricardo

"There are no words to describe Pedro and his work. We could not be more amazed with the final result! The more often we review all the photos, the more we like and more details we find in each one. Pedro goes beyond what is taking a beautiful photograph, he captures emotions, looks, feelings. Each moment recorded tells a story. And for such a special day as was the celebration of our love, there was no one more perfect! Thank you, Pedro, for all your dedication, for always being there at all the important times of the day so that they would be eternally registered, even without anyone noticing you! And thank you for allowing us to relive our day time and time again. Whenever we need a photographer, we know who it will be. We are completely fascinated!"